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Final withholding tax

Final withholding tax

  • Regularisation of the past

Anonymous one-off payment solution
  • Calculation of the one-off payment
  • Reporting of the one-off payment for the clients of the bank
Voluntary disclosure leading to tax amnesty
  • Production of reports with historical wealth amounts to be provided to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) and to the bank client
  • Production of historical tax reports (10 years) for the voluntary disclosure of bank clients

  • Final withholding tax for the future

Anonymous final withholding tax
  • Tax solution for the calculation of the final withholding tax on capital income (interest, dividends, other income and capital gain/loss) incl. detail report about final withholding tax deductions
  • Production of tax statements to report the paid final withholding tax on a yearly basis
Voluntary disclosure
  • Support for the bank to provide capital income information to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA)
  • Support for the bank to provide information to the bank clients
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